Legislative framework

The Alexandroupolis INGS Project complies with the Greek and E.U. legislative framework and in partricular with the following laws, directives and regulations.

(Greek legislation available only in the Greek language)

  • Law 4001/2011 «For the operation of the Electricity and Gas Markets...»
  • Law 4014/2011 «For the Environmental licensing of projects and activities...»
  • Law 2971/2001 «Access to shore... »
  • Law 3982/2011 «Simplification of the Installation and Operations Permitting...»
  • Law 4277/2014 (art.45) «Regulating Independent Natural Gas System matters» 
  • Ministerial Decision 26510/2012 «Technical Regulation for Natural Gas Pipeline Systems over 16 bars max pressure»
  • Ministerial Decision 12044/613/2007 incorporating Directive 2003/105/ΕC (SEVESO ΙΙ) «Measures for the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances»
  • International Maritime Organization (ΙΜΟ) regulatory framework
  • Directive 96/61/ΕC «Best Available Technics for pollution prevention»
  • Regulation 347/2013 «Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure»
  • Regulation 1316/2013 «Connecting Europe Facility»