Regasification process

The liquified natural gas is offloaded from the LNG carriers and transfused to the creogenic tanks of the floating unit. Next, it is gradually pumped to the four regasification units which are: 

  • Two closed loop technology units 
  • Two open loop technology units 

The regasification capacity of each unit is of 400 cubic meters of LNG/hour. 

At the closed loop technology units, the LNG regasification is achieved through natural gas combustion, whilst at the open loop regasifiers, the LNG is heated using seawater supplied to the unit via suction pumps. 

Following the regasification, natural gas is directed to the metering unit for measurement and onwards, through flexible pipes, to the Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) where it enters the subsea pipeline for its transmission onshore. 


Examples of LNG regasification units


Κλειστο Κυκλωμα Hamworthy (1)

open loop


Ανοικτό Κύκλωμα Hamworthy

closed loop


Source: Hamworthy - Wartsila