Subsea and onshore pipeline

The 24km subsea pipeline is laid on the seabed while at a sea depth of over 15m. (approximately 6km from shore). Once the sea depth becomes less than 15m.,  the pipeline, for safety and navigation reasons, is burried in a trench. The pipeline crosses the shore at the Apalos area coastline and continues its route onshore northbound, burried in a trench, for 4 more km, until it reaches its connection with the NNGS (ESFA) at the new Metering / Regulating Station near the village of Amfitriti. The new M/R Station will be constructed and operated by DESFA (the NNGS TSO) to serve the needs of the Alexandroupolis INGS.  

The Alexandroupolis INGS will have the ability to directly connect with other pipelines which are planned to be developed in the area in the future, such as TAP.

The pipeline is designed with a 30'' diameter in its entire length and a maximum operating pressure equal to 100 barg. Clearly, the operating pressure of the INGS pipeline is dependent on the operating pressure of the downstream systems to which it will connect. 

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Put Pipe


                       Pipeline laying technique in a trench