The floating LNG reception, storage and regasification unit

The floating unit consists of the following main parts:

    • Systems for the Side to Side (STS) mooring of the incoming LNG carriers and for LNG offloading
    • Four LNG storage tanks with a total capacity of up to 170,000 cubic meters
    • Four regasification units, each with a regasification capacity of 400 cubic meters of LNG/hour 
    • Electricity generators for the power supply of the floating unit
    • Metering unit for the measurement of the regasified volumes 
    • Crew accomodation facilities

The floating unit is moored to its anchoring position through a turret which contains a swivel that enables the rotation of the unit by 360° in line with the direction of the sea currents and waves, whilst in the case where the unit needs to be moved from its mooring location (e.g. for drydocking), the turret stays at its original standby position resting on its base which is fixed on the seabed. 

The dimensions of the floating unit are approximately 300m in lenght (LOA), 32.5m in breadth and 26.5m in height (depth to upper deck).