Safety Regulations

Alexandroupolis INGS project is designed with the strictest criteria and the most recent health and safety standards for the people and the environment.

More specifically:

1. For the Alexandroupolis INGS floating unit and associated offshore installations, a Safety Risk Analysis Study (in line with SEVESO II Directive) has been carried out, submitted and approved by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change.

2. The Installation and Technical study regarding project's pipelines has been completed in accordance with the rules and the standards of the National Technical Regulation for "Natural Gas Pipeline Systems over 16 bars max pressure". This regulation will be applied during the pipeline contruction phase and will be certified by the competent authorities.

3. In line with the Greek legislation a project specific emergency plan will be developed and incorporated into the National Emergency Plan "XENOKRATIS" managed and supervised by the Secretariat  General of Civil Protection.  

4. The project design includes all the necessary fire fighting facilities, leakage and danger detection and prevention equipment and processes. A 24/7 surveillance and support will be applied throughout the project's components.