Social Benefits

INGS Alexandroupolis is developed in harmony and in cooperation with the local community. 

Special care is taken not to interfere with the existing infrastructures, the utility and communication networks, the transportation systems or the cultural heritage and not to constrain any future development plans for the area. 

All the steps of the project are progressing in consultation with the National authorities and the Local stakeholders (Prefectural office, Municipality, Coast Guard, Port Authorities, Fire Fighting Dpt., Civil Protection Unit, etc). 

The project supports the local economy by reinforcing employment through new job creation for the local labour and the scientific workforce, by boosting many activity sectors and by providing access to competitive energy.  


Special focus will be given to the trainning of the local human resources to ensure that a large portion of the new jobs created can be covered gradually by the local workforce.  

The project will also have a positive effect on tourism as a result of the increased business activity, the various seminars and conferences and the visitors who are associated with the project.