Main Components of the Alexandroupolis INGS

The Alexandroupolis INGS will comprise three main components:


Α. The offshore Floating LNG Storage and Regasification Unit with the following technical features:

- Capacity of the LNG storage tanks: up to 170,000m³

- Maximum sustainable regasifiacation capacity: up to 700,000 Nm³/h

- Incoming LNG transfer rate: 10,000 m³/h.

B: The permanent Offshore Installations including:

1) the floating unit mooring system at a fixed location, 17.6 km SW from the town of Alexandroupolis and 10 km from the nearest opposite shore of the Makri village, at a sea area with approximate seawater depth of 40 m. The mooring system consists of the Submerged Turret and the Anchorage System (mooring lines and suction anchors) 

2) the two flexible risers, each of 14″ diameter, through which the natural gas is transmitted from the loading turret to the Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)

3) the Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) which is founded on the seabed and from which the subsea pipeline begins 

C. The subsea and onshore sections of the gas transmission Pipeline transmitting gas from the floating unit to the NNGS. The subsea section of the pipeline will be 24 km long whilst the onshore section, heading north towards the connection point with the NNGS will have a length of 4 km. The pipeline connects with the "Kipi-Komotini" branch of the NNGS, at a new entry point near the Amphitriti village and transmits the natural gas from the floating unit to the NNGS.

The new (M/R) Entry Station, will be constructed by DESFA (the NNGS TSO) near the existing NNGS Alexandroupolis Exit Station (U-3630).