Scope and objectives

GASTRADE S.A. is a utility company which develops, exploits, operates and manages natural gas systems in a safe, reliable and financially sound manner. 

GASTRADE S.A. studies, designs, develops, operates and exploits infrastructures which are necessary for the reception, transmission and distribution of natural gas as well as for its storage, liquefaction and re-gasification. 

GASTRADE S.A. is the first enterprise operating in Greece that has received a license for an Independent Natural Gas System from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change on 19-8-2011 (ΑΔΑ: 4ΑΜΦ0-2ΣΠ) in line with the positive opinion of the Greek National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for Energy (decision 29/2011 of 25-7-2011).

GASTRADE S.A. has been established and operates in the context with the Energy law 4001/2011.

You can refer to Law 4001/2011, Governmental Gazette Issue 179 Α’ / 22-8-2011 «For the operation of the Energy Markets of Electricity and Natural Gas, for the Exploration, Production and the transmission network of Hydrocarbons and associated regulations» in the link below: