Invitation to Tender for the Procurement of Equipment and Provision of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services for the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System (Alexandroupolis INGS) Project

25 October, 2023

Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the Procurement of ICT Equipment and Provision of ICT Services for the construction of the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System (Alexandroupolis INGS) Project:

The Project is being developed by the Greek utility company GASTRADE S.A. and comprises an offshore floating, storage and regasification unit (“FSRU”) for the reception, temporary storage and regasification of LNG, a spread mooring system and a system of a HP subsea and onshore gas transmission pipelines, through which natural gas will be delivered to the Greek Transmission System (“NNGTS”) and onwards to the final consumers.

The FSRU will be located in the sea of Thrace, 17.6 km SW of the town of Alexandroupolis in NE Greece at an offshore distance of approximately 5.4 n.m. (10 km) from the nearest shore and shall communicate( from an ICT perspective) with the nearest offshore infrastructure of a telecom provider through a 5G private network, then with Coastal Valve Station at Apalos in Alexandroupolis through a fiber optic land line, then with the M/R Station of DESFA at the village of Amphitriti, NE of Alexandroupolis through a fiber optic private channel and finally with the Headquarters and Branch Offices of Gastrade in Athens and Alexandroupolis, over the internet.

The Project is financed through own resources with co-financing from public funds. Public funds are provided through the Greek Public Investment Programme (codes: 2021ΣΕ17510003 and 2021ΣΕ17510004, partly through national participation and partly through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the 2014-2020 programming period and under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK)”.

Commercial Operation Date for the Project is planned for Q4 2023.

Participants wishing to submit their proposals in this Tender are kindly requested to send an email to to the attention of Mr. Nikos Kitsios to receive the Tender Documents.

Deadline for receipt of proposals is: 29/11/2023, 17:00 Athens.