INGS Alexandroupolis strictly follows the Greek and European legislation

The regulatory framework of the INGS Alexandroupolis Terminal

The operation of the Terminal is done through specific procedures

GASTRADE complies with specific internal procedures


The Alexandroupolis INGS strictly follows the Greek and European legislation and is governed by the provisions of the following laws, directives and regulations

European Legislative Framework

  • Directive 96/61/ΕC «Best Available Technics for pollution prevention»
  • Regulation 347/2013 «Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure»
  • Regulation 1316/2013 «Connecting Europe Facility»

Greek Legislative Framework

  • Law 4001/2011 «For the operation of the Electricity and Gas Markets...»
  • Law 4014/2011 «For the Environmental licensing of projects and activities...»
  • Law 2971/2001 «Access to shore... »
  • Law 3982/2011 «Simplification of the Installation and Operations Permitting...»
  • Law 4277/2014 (art.45) «Regulating Independent Natural Gas System matters»
  • Ministerial Decision 26510/2012 «Technical Regulation for Natural Gas Pipeline Systems over 16 bars max pressure»
  • Ministerial Decision 12044/613/2007 incorporating Directive 2003/105/ΕC (SEVESO ΙΙ) «Measures for the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances»
  • International Maritime Organization (ΙΜΟ) regulatory framework


On February 2022, the Terminal Access Code of the Alexandroupolis INGS was approved by RAE (GG Β’ 893/25.02.2022 Approval of the Terminal Access Code of the “Independent Natural Gas System (INGS) of Alexandroupolis”) together with its initial Annexes, which include the “Terminal Use Agreement” and the “Inter-User Agreement”. On November 2023, the Terminal Access Code – 1st Revision of the Alexandroupolis INGS was approved by RAEWW (the GG is awaited) together with its Annexes, which include the “Inter-User Agreement”, the “Terminal Use Agreement”, the “Spot Cargo Agreement”, the “Capacity Exchange Agreement (Sales)” and the “Capacity Exchange Agreement (Swaps)”. On January 2024, the Terminal Access Code – 2nd Revision and the Tariff Code of the Alexandroupolis INGS was approved by RAEWW (both GG are awaited).

Service Tariffs

Service Tariffs according to the Alexandroupolis INGS Tariff Code:

  • Reference Tariff (RT0) applicable to Long-Term Users, for the 1st Contract Year (2023-2024) is set to: 0.633675 €/kWh/d/y.
  • Spot Cargo Multiplier (SCM) for the 1st Contract Year is set to 1.05 (Tariff Code, Art. 5.6)
  • Adjustment Coefficient (ay) according to Schedule 2 of the Terminal Use Agreement is as follows:
TUA Years ay adjustment coefficient
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 1
5 1
6 0.996
7 0.992
8 0.988
9 0.984
10 0.98
11 0.976
12 0.972
13 0.968
14 0.964
15 0.96
16 0.956
17 0.952
18 0.948
19 0.944
20 0.94
21 0.936
22 0.932
23 0.928
24 0.924
25 0.92


Pursuant to the decision of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (“RAE”) for the Exemption of Alexandroupolis INGS from the provisions of Articles 32, 41 (6), (8), (10) of Directive 2009/73/EC (Government Gazette Issue B’ 5941/31.12.2020), Gastrade publishes herein the long-term regasification capacity products (duration of more than one year) offered from Commercial Operation Date (COD), expected on 31.12.2023, onwards, for the non-exempted capacity of the Terminal.
The annual capacity of Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal offered starting from COD, can be found in the “Application Form”.

Any party interested in reserving long-term capacity at the Terminal should fill in the “Application Form” and send it by email to

Interested parties willing to reserve capacity at the Terminal will be required to sign with Gastrade a Terminal Use Agreement (“TUA”) and provide the financial securities included therein.