Gastrade’s FSRU “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” arrived in Greece

17 December, 2023

Today, December 17th, 2023, the “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” entered the waters of the Thracian Sea of Greece. The floating, storage, and regasification unit “FSRU” sailed away from Singapore anchorage on November 26th and started her journey to her new home in Alexandroupolis, Greece after completing an almost 10-month conversion at the Seatrium shipyard. The FSRU’s arrival at its permanent berth largely marks the completion of construction of this flagship National and regional Project.


In the following days, the FSRU will be anchored through a spread 12-point mooring system. The FSRU will then be connected to the high-pressure subsea and onshore gas transmission pipeline, which, once operational, will deliver natural gas to the Greek Transmission System (“NNGTS”) and onwards to the final consumers in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and further to Moldova and Ukraine to the East and Hungary and Slovakia to the West. The Terminal, upon completion of all testing activities, is planned to be commercially operational in the first quarter of 2024 and will have a maximum sustainable regasification capacity of 5.5 billion cubic meters a year.

The FSRU was named “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” in honor of the municipality and its citizens that embraced the Project from the beginning and will host the FSRU permanently in the Thracian Sea.

Today, with the arrival of the first specially converted LNG Carrier of Gastrade, is for all of us an exceptional day”, highlights the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Company and Founding Shareholder Ms. Elmina Copelouzou.

A day that signals the realization of the Floating Regasification Unit and paves the way to the commencement of the Alexandroupolis LNG project. A milestone for this borderland city which is set to become an energy hub for the entire Southeastern Europe” continues Ms. Copelouzou.

Many contributed to reach this point today. We would like however to thank particularly the people and the authorities of Alexandroupolis who stood by us throughout these years. As a minimum recognition of their support, we named our FSRU “Alexandroupolis” ”.

From my side, I would like to dedicate this day to my father, Dimitris Copelouzos, who can visualise now such an important project, that he envisioned and set on track 15 years ago, reaching the final stretch of its materialisation”, concludes Ms. Copelouzou.


“For Alexandroupolis, it is a major project that will boost the local economy and employment, but above all, it will redefine the city’s coordinates on the world map as a critical hub for the energy security of the entire Central and SE Europe” said the Managing Director of Gastrade Kostis Sifnaios. “At the same time, the Project will establish yet another important pillar of National Security for Thrace, since it is part of the international and European strategy for diversification and independence of energy sources and transport routes from the historical monopolies. For our country, it is a big step in consolidating and upgrading its leadership role in the wider northern region and demonstrates how energy can become a tool for prosperity, peace, and solidarity” adds Mr. Sifnaios.

The arrival of the FSRU “ALEXANDROUPOLIS” highlights a key milestone for the Project, for Greece, and for the wider region of Southeastern and Central Europe. The Terminal will be a new entry-point for natural gas, fostering regional cooperation, and enhancing security of supply. “This significant milestone has been achieved due to the cooperation and expertise of all the partners involved in the Project, the strong local support in Alexandroupolis and in Greece, and undoubtedly, the tenacious and hard work of the Gastrade team” concludes Mr. Sifnaios.


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About Gastrade S.A.

Gastrade is the first company in Greece to be granted an Independent Natural Gas System License. Gastrade studies, designs, constructs, operates, and exploits the necessary infrastructure for receiving, storing, transporting, and distributing natural gas in a safe, adequate, reliable, and cost-effective manner. The Company is founded on partnerships and based on complementarity. Its five-member shareholder structure consists of Ms. Elmina Copelouzou – the founding shareholder, GasLog, DEPA Commercial, Bulgartransgaz, and DESFA.

The Project has been co-financed by resources of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union through the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (EPAnEK)” within the framework of the NSRF 2014-2020.