Call for the Expression of Interest for the provision of the FEED Study and the Preparation of the EPC/ITT dossier

12 September, 2014

Inquiry for the Expression of Interest for the provision of the FEED (Front – End Engineering & Design) study and the preparation of the EPC tender dossier for the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System (INGS Greece) Project


The project is being developed by the Greek Energy Company GASTRADE S.A. and comprises an LNG offshore Floating Storage & Regasification Unit, a mooring and a pipeline system connecting the floating unit to the Greek National Natural Gas System (NNGS) operated by the Greek Transmission System Operator (DESFA).

The natural gas stored and regasified on the floating unit is transmitted through the pipeline system for consumption in the markets of Greece and the South Eastern European countries.

The Project is located in the sea of Thrace, 17.6 km southwest of the town of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece.

The storage capacity on the floating unit will be of 170,000 m³ LNG and the Project’s gas sustainable send-out capacity of 6.1 bcm p.a. Total pipeline length is 28 km of which 24 km subsea and 4 km onshore. The system connects to the NNGS through an M/R station to be operated by DESFA, the Greek Transmission System Operator (not included in the Project scope).

For more Project information please refer to the relevant section (Alexandroupolis INGS) of our company’s website (

The Project received a PCI (Project of Common Interest) status from E.C. according to provisions of EU Regulation 347/2013.


The key tasks to be covered in the scope of the required services indicatively include:

  • Overall System Basic Design
  • Floating Unit Design
  • Mooring System Design
  • Pipeline Design
  • HSE & Risk analysis
  • Overall system Cost Estimate
  • EPC – Tender Dossier Preparation


The time limit for the completion of the required services is 6 (six) months from contract award.


The present Tender will take place in two stages. In the first stage there will be a prequalification of the candidates on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Their company profile
  • Their economic and financial capacity
  • Their technical capacity
  • Their relevant organizational structure and resources


In the second stage the prequalified candidates will be invited to submit their full proposals, along with a Participation Bank Guarantee (Bid Bond).


Participants wishing to express their interest in this Tender are required to provide the following documents (all in English – in case some formal documents are issued in another language, they should be accompanied by an official translation in English):

1. Company status, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers:

–  Registration Document from an official professional institution in compliance with the law of the country where the base or a legally operating department of the company is established. The document shall declare the capability of the company to undertake relevant services.

–  Company Articles of Association, according to the legislation of the country where the company is registered.

–  Extracts from judicial records or equivalent documents issued by the competent Judicial or Administrative authorities of the country of origin or in case that the respective country does not issue the above documents or certificates, then these can be replaced by an affidavit of the participating company and in case such a procedure is not provided for, by a declaration given before any judicial or administrative authority, Public Notary or competent professional organization, which would state that its representatives have not been prosecuted for any crime related to its/their business activity, practice or integrity e.g. professional misconduct, fraud, misappropriation of funds etc.

–  Minutes of the board of directors, authorizing the participation in the Tender and the appointment of a Legal Representative, including full contact details of the Legal Representative.


2. Economic and financial capacity:

– Certificates issued by the competent authority of the respective country, which would state that:

i) The company is not in a state of bankruptcy, under liquidation, obligatory management, compromise, or any other similar situation resulting from a similar procedure and that no procedure has been instigated against the company for declaration in bankruptcy, obligatory management, compromise or any other similar procedure.

ii) All obligations relating to payment of the social security contributions have been fulfilled in compliance with the legislation of the country where it has its seat

iii) All obligations relating to payment of taxes have been fulfilled in compliance with the legislation of the country where it has its seat:

– Details of the economic background of the company including full sets of accounts for the last three (3) years.

–  Bank certifications which verify its financial standing.


3. Technical capacity:

–  Participants shall demonstrate to have a proven experience and references for Front End Engineering Design (FEED) / Detailed Engineering services of such kind of Natural Gas projects.

–  Participants must demonstrate a track record of a high level of capability in the requested fields. Specifically, they will have to submit their track record of contracts for Front End Engineering Design (FEED) / Detailed Engineering services, which have been successfully executed over the last five (5) years including at least one contract of comparable scale, technical scope and complexity.

–  Participants must demonstrate compliance of their QHSE-management systems with recognized standards either by submission of valid certification or by other means.


4. Organization / Resources:

Each participant has to submit documents presenting:

The participant’s profile, organizational structure and infrastructure and the services and technologies offered.

The participant’s number of engineers permanently employed, as well as lists of participant’s personnel, who are suitably qualified for the performance of FEED / Detailed Engineering for similar projects, including CV’s for such key personnel.

Any other information considered helpful to the pre-qualification.


During the Tender evaluation procedure, it is possible that participants will be invited to present their qualifications in a meeting at the headquarters of GASTRADE S.A., at their own expense.

GASTRADE S.A. reserves the right to request clarifications or additional information in relation to the above documents. Participants will have a period of five (5) working days from receipt of such request to reply in writing to the requested clarifications/additional information. In case of no reply, GASTRADE S.A. may consider their submission to the EoI incomplete and reject it.


Participants are requested to send all required documents by September 30, 2014 at 17:00 local time, at the latest, to the following postal address:

GASTRADE S.A., 4 Skra str., 151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece to the attention of Mr. George Vilos, Tender Administration Officer

or electronically to


Expressions of Interest and relevant required documents received after the above specified deadline shall not be considered for prequalification.


Please note that a short version announcement of this call for the Expression of Interest has been published in the 12.09.2014 Financial Times edition.

Download full text here