Open invitation for submission of binding offers to the Market Test

24 February, 2020

Further to the approval of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and in order to achieve the maximum possible participation in the Market Test for the reservation of capacity at the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System, we hereby invite all interested parties, which have not participated in the first, non-binding, phase of the Expression of Interest of the process and have not been assigned the right to participate in the second, and binding, phase of the Market Test, to take part in this binding phase directly and submit their binding interest for capacity reservation at the Alexandroupolis INGS Project.

For their participation in this binding phase, interested parties should follow the instructions included in the Supplement to Bidding Phase Notice and provide the corporate documents described in Article 8 of the Expression of Interest Notice.

Upon completion of the corporate documents control by the Company, interested parties will be invited to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Gastrade in order to receive the full set of the Bidding Phase Notice which includes detailed participation instructions, indicative tariffs for the use of the Terminal and the template of the Advanced Reservation Capacity Agreement (ARCA).

Please note that the deadline for submitting binding offers for all parties participating in the Binding Phase of the Market Test is hereby extended to Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 17.00 h. Greek time.